◐ for something that’s only a turn on if CERTAIN people were to do it or only on CERTAIN occasions.

There is one particular person that Kavyn would’ve enjoyed playing the dominance game.  Sadly, that person is no longer around.

◑ for a GUILTY turn-on
Kavyn doesn’t mind some bit of binding to him.  Makes it more interesting when he breaks out of it and turns the tables on his partner.

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● ◑ IC \\Hey Yiska gurl, listen to what he has to say.

● for a turn-on
Though he wouldn’t fully admit to it, Kavyn can enjoy ‘unique’ characteristics about a woman, Cassiopeia being a fine example.

◑ for a GUILTY turn-on
Teasing Kavyn is kind of like flipping a coin.  Sometimes it’ll annoy him, other times it’ll nudge him on.  In the end, it’s more on how it’s done, rather than who the teaser is.  Though most of the time he’ll try to hide this guilty pleasure if it’s done right.

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send me a ○ for a turn-off,

Kavyn will basically walk out of the room if treated with inferiority.  That sort of behavior is his main enemy on a daily basis, so the last thing he would wish to find it is in the bedroom.

Turn ons & Turn offs: LET’S GET DETAILED


send me a ● for a turn-on,

send me a ○ for a turn-off,

send me a ◑ for a GUILTY turn-on

send me a ◐ for something that’s only a turn on if CERTAIN people were to do it or only on CERTAIN occasions.



With her now escaping his head, the thief finally woke up, feeling a normal surge one would wake up from during any nightmare.  His eyes were less demented, but bloodshot, breathing heavy in a cold sweat.  He turned to Yiska on the other side of the bed, seeing that she was indeed wounded while invading his mind.

"… What the hell were you doing in my head?"


Slowly getting up with her now sore body next to Kavyn, she takes a deep breath and looks at him. “You know you got some sick shit inside of your head?” Way to be blunt about it even.

"So.. you really did see all that, didn’t you." he leaned forward, rubbing his sore eyes.  He looked at the girl sitting beside him, taking a deep breath to explain what she had seen.

"That thing you saw.  That creature… it’s a part of me.  When I was a child, I had my throat slit, and was tossed into the gutters.  I remember the whole experience.  My vision was blurred, my throat filled with blood, it felt like I was drowning on land.  

But then… a monster walked into the slums, a monster of decay and evil, one who feeds off the misery of the dying and diseased.  He used necromancy, and rose piles of corpses from the grave.  I was affected as well, but since I was still barely alive during the process, I got to keep what was left of my humanity.  If I hadn’t… I would’ve been a zombie.  A servant to that thing.  

But… the necromancy left a curse on me.  I now share my body, mind, and soul to a creature that desires nothing more than bloodshed and torment.  Whenever it could, it would take control of me, forcing me to do things that my conscience would never let me live down.  So now, we’re basically having a tug-of-war, and the winner gets this body.

What you saw was his vision of the world.  Agony, torment, and death to anyone he wished.  He doesn’t care who he kills, just so long as he does.  The world is just one big playground to him.” 



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I’ve always really wanted a drawing monitor, and now I’ve decided to make a serious effort to get one! I need about €750 for a Yiynova MSP19U+ monitor digitizer, so I am opening up for Treehouse commissions (and donations, should anyone want to donate).

The procedure will be as follows:

  • if you want to buy a commission, email me at janusvm@gmail.com and put ‘Treehouse Commission’ as the subject (for filtering purposes)
  • include reference pictures and whatever details you feel would be relevant for me to know about
  • I will send you a payment request via Paypal on the email you used to contact me. If I get a lot of orders, I’ll queue them up, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t get a payment request straight away
  • once I’ve received the money, I’ll begin doing your design
  • I’ll email progress shots throughout the process
  • when I’m done, I’ll send you a .zip containing a full size illustration, and a couple of resized versions (avatar crops and such)

This is all I’ll be offering for now - earlier I loosely mentioned cameos in Treehouse, but at the current moment I don’t feel comfortable offering that as an ‘always possible’ option. Perhaps I’ll do some limited cameo commissions around the time where they feel relevant.

Donations are also welcome via Paypal to janusvm@gmail.com (preferrably in Euros)


//Waiting for your RP buddies to get on because they’re in different timezones



"Is that so?" He asked, scruffy face coming up above the cloth that usually hid his face so well. Arms folding the man leaned in, showing his interest at the word of a bar. Oh, could he may haps be getting some free poison. "Ya know, I was never one for Noxian drinks, they tend to be as bitter as my soul and leave me feeling unsatisfied just like the Noxians do on the battle field. Tch whats a guy got to do to get a good duel to the death for once." A raspy dry chuckle came from the lips of Ionias exile. His head once more tilting down and hiding his lower face. Those cracked lips now veilied though he still spoke.

"I would bet, haha. I mean no offense and all but Noxus tends to be bland unless you’re Swain or Darius. And at that I’m an Ionian man. Not taking any chances eating that food unless its from your bar now though. Sure if I mention the leader thell give me a decent meal." Bone cracked as Yasuo snappd his head back and forth and rolled his shoulders. At the sound of machines a ‘tch; noise came from him.

Disappointment laced in his voice “Machine cooked? Ugh, that sounds terrible to me. I’m a man of simple desires, a hand cooked meal of rice and fish is something I would die for. Key word being hand.” Arms once more folded over his chest. “Though guess I cant be picky, I’m just some guy with no home who goes where the wind blows me towards.”

"True, if you prefer your meals prepared in traditional sense, places like Piltover and Zaun would be the last you would ever want to go.  Those cities think so highly on the future, but they need to understand that not everything can be upgraded or augmented to be better."

How often would a thief simply talk to someone on a beaten path without making so much an attempt to rob them?  To many people, this would be considered an anomaly.  Thieves are always thought to care only for themselves, never the well being of others.  But Kavyn isn’t one of such mindset, and it’s because of that he’s still alive in front of the exile.

"The soldiers in Noxus never are much to think about.  After all, they’re all just citizens drafted into the military.  Most of them are hardly considered fit for fighting with their life on the line, and the ones that are would normally just be considered blood-crazy.  I suppose Demacia has more of an iron-fist military might, more hardy than bloody.  If you wish for a good duel, there is a… certain someone I can point you towards.”