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"I like your confidence, your openness, and fun loving spirit…. which brings me to what I dislike."

"I like that you always try to look for fun… what I hate is the fact that I have to be involved in your fun."

"I like your confidence when plunging into danger… what I hate is how you seem to like taking that out of context…. in the worst of ways."

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I like what it is you do as a ranger… I just wish you weren’t the like the many others that admire that prince.  Something tells me he’s been getting a little too big of a head for his tiara.

Send me a “▲” for what my character likes about yours or a “▼” for what my character DOESN’T like about yours.


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Wow don't talk about me mum lyke that. She got feelings too, mate.

"I know.  I’ve seen your mothers feelings first hand.  Flirtatious, tormenting, and never knowing of the phrase ‘leave me alone’."

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Yiska is my mom.

"Well, knowing her, she was bound to have some floating around."


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"Looks like I'm gonna teach you how to swim AND kiss~"




"…. Wat?"

"I… don’t exactly mix well with water.  The two of us never had the best history, you know?" Kavyn wasn’t sure to react to the bounty hunter’s offer.  While most people would kill for such an opportunity, the thief was at a loss of what was even happening. 

"Did I stutter? I told you what we are going t do, we are going to teach you how to swim. Do you know how bad it is for you to not be able to? Because I’ll tell you right now, guards, can’t swim in all that armor, weighs them down. The water is easy for escapes. Also if you ever want a Bilgewater gal as hot as me, you’ll have to learn how! I mean come on, its only needed." The bounty hunter shrugged, tilting her head and letting out a silky laugh.

"Its your choice kiddo, I won’t force you."

Even though she said she wouldn’t force him, it was clear enough that she’s not simply going to leave the subject alone.  While Kavyn didn’t much care for certain reasons she brought up, the first one did make more sense for him.

"….. Alright, fine." he finally caved in.  Hopefully it doesn’t end with him in a watery grave.